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With creating this organization the mission is simple, wishing to be the lending hand in the community that can bring people together and spread smiles through hosting different events in the near and far future. The events hosted will create a platform for strangers and community members to meet to spread Sofia's message. By continuing to help those in need one smile at a time, Sofia's story will always live on. Smiles are for free is Sofia's motto, our foundation's motto and the motto we should all live by.

As a young girl, Sofia Khan would attend her two older brother's, Noah and Zane's basketball games. Going beyond the role of supportive sister she put herself to work each game at the concession stand. With each piece of candy or popcorn sold, she never failed to write on the border of the wrapper, "smiles are free." Three words that hold so much meaning for Sofia and now for the Khan family.


In 2010, at only 9 years old, Sofia passed away after a horrendous drowning accident. Her phrase she so often wrote for others on wrappers was more than words to read, they were words to live by. Day in and day out, without fail, you could see Sofia smiling while always putting others before herself. Despite being so young she knew that no matter what difficult obstacle any individual was going through in their life, a simple smile may not fix it, but life would become a tad brighter the more we all smiled.

Noah Khan is now a recent college graduate working with his brother Zane Khan as well as friends and family to start an organization where Sofia's message can live on. These words were instilled in the hearts of so many and the family and friends of Sofia wish to continue to inspire and encourage as many people as they can with the idea that no matter what life throws at them, smiles will always be for free. Learning to love and help those people in need, even if all you do is pass a smile forward would make Sofia's legacy live on while simultaneously making the world a better place. The small gestures can so often make the largest differences.